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triorganisationOrganisation development is about performance improvement. We help organisations to align themselves to the environment and markets in which they operate and to achieve their strategies efficiently and effectively. Our services relate to developing organisations in terms of culture, values, people, structures, processes and resources. We work with clients on development at all levels: organisation-wide; business unit; group and team; and individual.

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White Maple’s organisation development services cover the following areas:

Organisation design

We assist with identifying and evaluating options for structuring the organisation, accepting that no one structure will be perfect. The aim is to design the structure so that strategy can be both effectively implemented and also informed by it. The structure also needs to be flexible to adapt to market dynamics. Governance is also an important issue for most organisations; we can advise on this.

Performance coaching

Coach4Impact - performance coachingPlease also see the website of our specialist service Coach4Impact.
Clients retain us to coach CEOs, senior executives and “top teams” to enable and support them to develop the skills, behaviours and confidence to achieve high and lasting performance. We have a flexible approach to each client, but core will normally be agreement at the outset of outcomes from the relationship and for improvements in performance of the individual/team being coached.


We have extensive experience of working with clients on their corporate governance; and we have particular experience with not-for-profit organisations, including charities and Chartered bodies.

Planning processes

Unit and functional plans need to be aligned with the overall business strategy. They also need to be dynamic, integrated, efficient and flexible. We can help to design and implement planning and performance management processes.


We can work directly with groups and individuals to support them as they learn what needs to change and to support them as they makes choices and take action. Our work can vary in scale from designing so-called “culture change programmes” through to executive team facilitation and personal mentoring.

Staff surveys

We design the techniques for gaining your staff’s views to meet your objectives and situation. We have no off the shelf “instruments”. We can employ both qualitative and quantitative techniques, gathering data from personal interviews, group discussions, and paper or web/intranet based questionnaires.

Internal communications

We can help to ensure that your internal communications are two-way and effective, using both formal and informal methods.


We can help you to undertake analyses of training needs so that investments in training/development are targeted at key organisational and personal needs. We can also provide a wide range of tailored training programmes, particularly in the areas of:

  • Strategy & planning
  • Change management
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Customer relationships and service
  • Team development
  • Leadership & followership
  • Facilitation

For examples of experience please look at some case studies.

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