Clients: Commercial

In the commercial sector we have experience of working with businesses ranging in size from global corporations to start-ups. Our sector experience is diverse and includes, for example, financial services, printing, manufacturing, medical equipment, paints and oil/lubricants. We also advise ambitious private businesses and internal corporate service functions of larger corporations.

White Maple® can help the management and owners of ambitious private businesses as they face the challenges of growing, such as:

  • maintaining customer service levels as the scale of the business increases;
  • maintaining an entrepreneurial and innovative culture whilst also installing appropriate controls and management systems and structures;
  • ensuring that marketing budgets are as effective as possible;
  • planning the future whilst being embroiled in the day-to-day;
  • deepening and widening the management capabilities of the business;
  • developing leadership skills;
  • keeping an eye on the market and wider environment and recognising threats and weaknesses.

We have experience of advising internal corporate service functions (particularly marketing, procurement and human resources). Typical issues faced by proactive and forward-looking internal service functions include:

  • developing a customer oriented culture, including understanding and monitoring the needs and perceptions of internal customers;
  • developing advisory capabilities
  • enhancing strategic influence;
  • measuring and evaluating value added.

White Maple’s full range of services is available to commercial clients.

If you would like more information about our services for commercial organisations, please contact us.