Marketing Case Studies

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Marketing Facilitation Organisation Strategy

Offshore international finance centre

Working with the market development arm of Treasury, developed the first global brand and communications strategy for this offshore international finance centre. Regular review of the strategy and brand measurement has shown significant strengthening of the brand in terms of higher awareness, enhanced familiarity and more positive perceptions relative to key competing jurisdictions.


A review of the marketing of this leading chain of opticians led to a reversal of a decline in turnover and profits through actions relating to pricing, in-store merchandising, customer service, training and promotional activities.

Government department

Working with an internal project team, developed the agency’s first corporate marketing strategy. Subsequent work included reviewing the service portfolio to identify income generating opportunities and other potential new services. Also assisted with market segmentation and design of research methodologies to evaluate future needs.


Advised on the planning and organisation of promotional activities to raise the profile of the agency and to target new clients in key geographic areas. The sustained activities have contributed to a significant improvement in profitability.

Innovative tourism products

We developed the marketing strategy for a new and innovative tourist audio product. A key issue was e-marketing including developing an e-commerce site, online promotion and establishing a global network of revenue sharing licensees.

Global standards agency

The client asked us to review their global membership scheme and to develop innovative ideas for new membership schemes, funding and ranges of benefits and services.

Firm of solicitors

Using market research and internal data and ideas, helped this firm to identify and focus on key market opportunities.

Professional services firm

Managed a programme of studies at this multi-disciplinary firm to evaluate the firm’s brand amongst existing clients and in a key market sector.

Major national charity

Undertook a review of the relationship between the charity and 150 smaller charities in the same sector. This included research (qualitative and quantitative) into the perceptions of the stakeholders involved and also reviewed and advised on effectiveness of relationship management and communications.

Humanitarian charity

Advised on a review of the charity’s communications and fundraising strategies.

Regional Government Office

Designed and implemented a survey to evaluate stakeholder satisfaction with the Office’s service and consultation processes.

Conservation agency

Undertook a series of quantitative and qualitative market research projects to this leading conservation agency. Work included writing and publishing a  book on visitor research at nature reserves!

Government investment/trade agency

Advised on the evaluation of activities and budgets aimed at promoting trade between the UK and Southern Africa.

Emergency service

Designed and implemented a research programme to evaluate “customer” perceptions of service and to establish benchmarks for service levels.

Government department

Managed the feedback arising from a Green Paper. This involved processing more than 15,000 responses and producing an initial quantitative analysis for a Select Committee very shortly after the close of the consultation process.

Government agency

Advised on pricing and charging for a range of different products and services.

Leading UK charity

Advised on a review of its brand and brand strategy.

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