Organisation Development Case Studies

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Marketing Facilitation Organisation Strategy

Marketing for a changing marketplace in China

The Chinese operation of an international organisation had a marketing communications function which was organised and resourced to deliver tactically through “traditional” communications channels. A review led to a repositioning and restructuring of marketing to become a strategic function leading the change towards a more customer and market-oriented organisation.

Governance for a global NGO

Advised a global non-governmental organisation (NGO) on a review of its global governance and restructuring of its international executive management. The outcome was the implementation of long-awaited changes to the governance structure which would allow the organisation to evolve to reflect a changing world.

Collaboration within an international agency

We advised on and assisted with the development of a joint venture involving four country sections of an international humanitarian/medical aid agency. This involved work in Holland, Germany and the UK.

High-performing leadership team at an international bank

Worked with the Chief Executive to transform senior managers into a high-performing team. Tools such as MBTI� and Belbin� were employed to develop better awareness and understanding of the team’s strengths and challenges. And series of offsite team workshops, working on real business issues and opportunities, contributed to significant improvements in business performance.

Restructuring to deliver improved service

A specialist division within a professional institute needed to up its game in terms of both service and efficiency. We worked with the Divisional Director to reset the Division’s purpose and priorities; this was followed by a redesign of the structure and capabilities which the Division would need to deliver.

Information for strategy implementation and cultural change

Reviewed the firm’s management information (including formats, key indicators, content, distribution and use) so that it was aligned to the firm’s new strategy. The aim was also to identify opportunities for encouraging changes in behaviour through improved internal communication and focus on key indicators/targets.

Trade association: governance and management

Designed a new governance and management structure for a trade association.

Private business: remuneration

We completed a review of remuneration and benefits for the directors of a successful private business operating in the UK and USA.

Health organisations: merger

We assisted three health service organisations to come together in a new organisation. Our work involved facilitating at key meetings of stakeholders.

Trade/investment development agency: training

We delivered a global programme of more than 30 training workshops for the UK’s trade/investment development agency. The workshops covered strategy and marketing. Over 500 staff attended from c.20 countries; c.99% rated the workshops as good or very good and c.95% said that the training would help them in their job “a great deal” or “quite a lot”. Amongst other places, we worked in China, India, Mexico, USA, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and various European countries.

Professional services group: team building

We designed and managed an ongoing process for team-building amongst the leadership team of this diverse professional services group.

Public/private partnership: strategic alliance

Advised a strategic alliance between a government team and a leading private sector property management company on the organisational structure of the joint venture. Also assisted in developing the relationship between the two organisations.

Government agency: internal communications

Prepared an internal communications strategy for this 1,200 person multi-site agency and assisted with implementation.

Surveyors: team-building

As part of wider strategy advice, we gave this large firm of surveyors hands-on help with development of improved team-working within and between business units.

Major charity: planning systems

Reporting to the charity’s board, chaired an internal project group tasked with making recommendations regarding the charity’s strategic and operational planning system.

New professional institution: organisation structure

A meeting of a group of Trustees was facilitated to develop a structure for the new institution and to make key decisions on its governance. Various models were prepared beforehand for discussion at the meeting. A structure was produced that was adopted by the Board.

Global air cargo company: IT project review

Reviewed a project targeted at delivering a business critical information system. Identified lessons for future projects and also key actions for delivering the next phase of the project.

Trade association: training

We designed and delivered a strategy training programme for members of a trade association.

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