White Maple Wins Award

White Maple® Wins Prestigious Award Bob-Empson001-2

White Maple Consulting has won the UK’s Institute of Business Consulting’s 2008 award for “Most Outstanding Practice in Building a Sustainable Client/Consultant Relationship”. The award was announced and presented at a ceremony in London on 4 December 2008 at the Waldorf Hilton hotel.

The award was given for White Maple’s longstanding relationship with Russell-Cooke, the Top 100 firm of solicitors. Bob Empson, Principal Consultant, at White Maple®, has worked with Russell-Cooke since 1991. In that time Russell-Cooke has grown by 600%.

In a testimonial provided for the application, Russell-Cooke Senior Partner John Gould said: “The long term relationship with White Maple Consulting and its Principal Consultant Bob Empson, has been a key element in Russell-Cooke’s sustained and profitable growth to become a Top 100 firm of solicitors. Continuity and long term trust has led to a detailed and contextual understanding of our business model, operations and individuals…. The trust derived from continuity is particularly valuable in the presentation of change in a profession which can be both instinctively conservative and suspicious of concepts or ideas which lack rigour.”

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The Institute of Business Consulting is now the Institute of Consulting. It is the professional body for management consultants. White Maple® is a Recognised Practice at the IC.