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Markets and customers are, of course, at the core of any organisation’s strategy.

Strategy Organisation Marketing Facilitation

White Maple’s marketing services cover the following areas:

Marketing strategy

Comprehensive strategies for superior market performance can be developed covering market segmentation, positioning and all aspects of the marketing mix including pricing, channels, communications, service development and people.

Market and competitor analysis

New opportunities and potential threats can be identified when we help clients to understand current and potential markets with new insights and different perspectives. Key dynamics and trends can be identified and evaluated.

Commercial due diligence

Before completing on an acquisition, merger, joint venture or strategic investment, you may require commercial due diligence. Our services include, for example; customer and market referencing; competitor analysis; identification of market drivers; trend analysis; and market sizing.

Brand management

Strong brands create value for organisations and their owners. With our help you can evaluate the strength of your brand and those of your competitors. We can also develop strategies and plans for developing and delivering the brand.

Service quality and service recovery

We can help to identify what service quality means to those at the receiving end and then to develop your organisation’s capabilities for delivering it. Research has shown how powerful effective service recovery can be on customer perceptions and loyalty; we can help not only devise service recovery procedures but also help with developing a culture that enables staff to take the initiative.

Stakeholder mapping and consultation

It’s not just about customers/clients. There are many other stakeholders that can have an influence on what your strategy should be and on your ability to execute it. We help to map and prioritise them and then develop techniques for the organisation to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Relationship management

We can advise on how to develop and manage relationships with customers and other stakeholders.

Marketing organisation

We can help to develop the organisation’s marketing function, processes and culture so that they cost effectively support strategy development and implementation.

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