Member Organisations & Charities

Clients: Member Organisations & Charities

We work with trade associations, professional institutions, charities and international NGOs.

Trade associations and professional institutions have for years been facing pressures to demonstrate the value that they add. Other issues that they often have to deal with include, for example:

  • lack of active member participation;
  • inadequate financial resources and a need to generate non-subscription income;
  • a necessity to collaborate with related organisations, rather than compete;
  • communicating effectively with members;
  • lack of clarity about who should run the organisation: members or the executive staff;
  • how to organise efficiently taking into account: member diversity; specialist interests of members; and also geographic interests;
  • governance that is democratic, dynamic and which attracts the best from the industry or profession to become involved.

We not only have experience of consulting with member organisations but also our Principal Consultant was a Director, and then President in 2000, of the Institute of Management Consultancy (the forerunner of the Institute of Business Consulting) the UK’s professional body for management consultants.

We also work with charities, particularly larger ones with complex strategic, marketing and organisational issues to address. We aim to work with charities at reduced rates and/or for free, subject to our capacity.

White Maple’s full range of services is available to member organisations and charities.

If you would like more information about our services for member organisations and charities, please contact us.