Facilitation Case Studies

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Marketing Facilitation Organisation Strategy

Government department

Design and facilitation of a series of workshops with the department’s staff and with representatives of key external stakeholders to identify policy issues and options. The outputs formed the basis for a number of important initiatives.

Firm of solicitors

The Partners had not been able to agree on how to tackle a number of strategic and management issues. Following interviews with all the partners a one-day meeting was facilitated. 30 and 100-day action plans were agreed and implemented.

Government agency

Facilitated at a workshop of representatives from various divisions to review the agency’s web site and its development strategy.

Global financial services firm

Facilitated and advised a multi-functional internal team tasked with migrating a traditional asset management business into a new private banking brand. We also worked with the team to formulate an internal communications programme in support of the launch of the new concept. The project was delivered on time.

Government department

Facilitation at a series of workshops with key stakeholders (governmental and others) regarding the implementation of key aspects of a White Paper, including the establishing of a regional network. Facilitated at the first meeting of the network to agree key governance issues.

Firm of solicitors

For a top 100 firm, we designed and facilitated a partners’ strategy retreat and also a conference of all fee earners with the objective of enhancing understanding of and commitment to a new strategy for the partnership.

International trade association

Facilitated at a series of 5 day international workshops to gain commitment from staff in over 80 countries towards the association’s new commercial strategies.

Large charity

Chaired and facilitated a working group, reporting to the board of trustees, to review and make recommendations regarding the charity’s strategic and operational planning and independent assurance regime.

Government agency

Designed and facilitated a staff workshop with the theme communications with stakeholders. If you would like more information about our facilitation services, please contact us.