About Us

An Introducton

White Maple Consulting is a strategy consulting firm based in London, UK.

We aim to deliver results for clients that achieve lasting improvements in performance.

White Maple Consulting

We believe that competitive advantage and lasting performance improvement can be gained through achieving and maintaining alignment between the three dimensions of: strategy; the market and the organisation’s brand; and development of the organisation itself in terms of culture, values, people, processes and resources.
Our services cover strategy, marketing, organisation development
and facilitation.

Working in the UK and internationally, we are able to integrate experience, knowledge and lessons from the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors. We work primarily with service organisations. We focus on working with clients from the following sectors: commercial; central government; professional service firms; and member organisations and charities.

Our approach includes designing for each client specific processes and methodologies to understand and address their management challenges. We have a “do it with you, not to you” approach, whereby people from the client organisation are as directly involved as possible with the work.

White Maple® has distinctive values:

  • we deliver results;
  • we work in partnership;
  • we provide exceptional service;
  • we develop people;
  • we contribute to the community.